Why hello there, WalkUp 👋

Hey Everyone,

We've got an important update that we want to share with you! Just over six months ago, our trademark "WalkIn" was legally challenged by a company with a similar mark. The situation means that we needed to come up with a new name!

Whilst everyone was attached to the name WalkIn, and we were proud of what the name had come to represent, every change is an opportunity to make things better.

We sat down as a team and decided on two key principles for our new name:

  1. It had to start with 'W'
  2. We still wanted to portray the same message With that in mind, we threw some names back and forth, and ultimately settled on....

Dark WalkUp

We're now...WalkUp!

The reason we felt this name was the best next move for the company, was that we're trying to to create a world where you can get a table, anywhere, anytime. To that end, 'WalkUp' describes the only action you'd need to do to get a table at great restaurants.

We're now going through the process of moving everything over to WalkUp (major find and replace work needed!)

It'll take some getting used to, but we're really looking forward to bringing you even more restaurants, even more ways to access them and continuing to build the WalkUp community!