Welcome Ed! 😊

We’d be lying if we said that hiring as a start-up was an easy process. In a book we love at WalkUp called Blizscaling, the author Reid Hoffman says running a start-up is often jumping off a cliff while trying to fix the engine. You’ve got a hundred things to do to make your business successful while fighting off fires and trying to recruit new team members to be part of your daredevil tribe. 🙏 Daredevil, because it requires a prospective team mate to take a calculated risk in joining start-up life. According to Business Insider, the chances of a start-up ‘succeeding’ are around 10% (which is a pretty generous figure in comparison to some stats). So the risk of joining a start-up cannot be ignored! That being said, the fast moving and high impact nature of joining a start-up is something that so many of us find exciting.

It’s also important to note that the objective is not to just hire people, it’s to hire the right people. Cultural fit is absolutely critical to a happy and successful team, you can’t just take the approach of hiring based off of CV’s alone and hope for good results.

To achieve this we try and be as focused as possible on two main areas, the first being to ensure that they are aligned with our 3 key values: transparency, accountability and focus. The second is based on positive character traits like; is that person a good listener, passionate & friendly, is WalkUp the right place for them and will they get on with our fellow WalkUps. If the answer is yes and they have the competencies we’re looking for, we may have just found our latest family member!

We’re super excited to welcome Ed, our newest member of the fam, coming in as a Front End Developer and as Princess Leia. If you didn’t know about our Star Wars aliases, you do now 😈
Ed is very into tech, gadgets, HIIT, working out and a cheeky bev. We think that makes him an all round 💯 Ed is also a creative soul; making tunes on the side, reading up on the latest tech and also riding around London on his longboard (when the city isn’t in lockdown. Obvs.) In true WalkUp style we had to find out what Ed’s favourite food is. Ed transformed into a vegetarian a couple months ago (applauds) and currently his preferred delicatessen is pizza. But if we’re putting an international spin on things then his favourite dish is ‘Cepelinai’ a traditional Lithuanian dish “kinda like meat dumplings on steroids” - Ed. Welcome!! 🤗