The WalkUp Team 🚀

Cristi (Obi-Wan) - Frontend Engineer

Cristi Cristi 🦉 There are a lot of things that we most likely wouldn’t have considered pre-covid. One of those was hiring someone who couldn’t travel into the office at least a couple days a week. But as working from home is now an integral part of our lives, hiring Cristi in Bucharest felt like one of the least abnormal things to do during lockdown… In fact it was one of the BEST things we did during Covid.

Having worked with Seb (our CTO) before, Cristi was recommended to us and after seeing that he was a natural WalkUp fit and with immense coding skills, we knew he had to join the WalkUp fam 😍

Cristi joined the team in Feb 2021 and on his first week proved to be a master chef, taking second place at our 5th #StayinBake social. Previously Cristi built a dating app that is popular in the USA and he’s really into flying, literally. To find Cristi just look up, there’s a chance you’ll catch him paragliding above you! His favourite food is… fresh tomato soup 🤔🍅

Seb (Master Yoda) - CTO

Seb Seb 🐝 A big warm welcome to Seb, our CTO who joined Amos and Frazer in Jan 2021 as the third musketeer to help steer this WalkUp ship ⚔️ Seb was the CTO at Sharetight for 5 years before, managing a team of developers and designers, while also being responsible for product management.

Seb started at WalkUp strong, first showing his exquisite culinary skills in one of our #StayinBake socials and who since then has been an awesome new addition and key component to our team. As well as spending time each week creating new dishes with his fiance which you can check out on her blog here:

You can also find Seb surfing, surfskating and refuelling afterwards with a good Thai meal, his favourite cuisine 😋 He also speaks French, ah oui oui.

Ed (Princess Leia) - Frontend Engineer

Ed Ed 👯 Ed is a man of many talents, if you don’t believe us just check his LinkedIn bio… Full Stack Developer, React fanboy, trilingual and Biomedical engineering grad. We know. He’s impressive. Ed joined WalkUp back in November when we were just settling into another lockdown and were going through a bit of a tumultuous time so shoutout to Ed to committing to the WalkUp mission, getting involved and sticking it through with a team he’d never met before 🏆

Find Ed doing a HIIT, Les Mills or body weight workout or having a cheeky bev at the pub. Ed makes tunes on the side and gets around London on his longboard. His fave dish is ‘Cepelinai’ a traditional Lithuanian dish “kinda like meat dumplings on steroids”. So happy to have you part of the team Ed! 🤗

Maggie (Ewok) - Business Operations Manager

Maggie Mags 🌺 Coming from a legal and M&A insurance background, Mags Found WalkUp after using the app at Din Tai Fung, Covent Garden and hasn’t looked back since. Originally interviewing for a Sales role, Maggie came in and smashed her interview by thriving under pressure and was offered the job.

It’s been a wild ride since then with Maggie having strapped in for the early startup life and taking a gamble with us through covid, changing roles into Ops and with furlough. She’s helped shape our culture and make WalkUp what it is today, we couldn’t be here without her above and beyond dedication, analytical mind and forever positive attitude. Catch Mags munching down on Roti King or Pizza Pilgrims’ double pepperoni and spicy honey pizza….

Charlie (Figrin D’an) - Lead Front-end Engineer

Charlie Charlie 👾 Our Lead Frontend engineer and official WalkUp Gamemaster! Having studied Product Design and Manufacturing Charlie then went on to study Technology Entrepreneurship at UCL before working in multiple startups and honing his raw JavaScript powers. Charlie now leads the frontend team in building our iOS and Android app as well as our web products.

He is a master of fun, problem solving and personal development. When Charlie isn’t hanging out with friends, reading or listening to podcasts you can find him doing improv comedy, clowning, building board games or learning how to master them. Charlie meditates, occasionally vegans (yes we’re making that a verb), runs (around in circles. It’s true just check his Strava) and soon will be making rollerblading a more fundamental part of his life. Check out his work and life progress on:

Molly (Chewie) - Account Manager, aka Sales

Molly Molly 🥨 Molls, Molski, joined WalkUp back in Feb 2019 initially as a contractor to see how the brother-sister duo would pan out (Mol is Amos’ sister!) That having worked super well, Molly joined full time and became part of the family at full steam ahead. Molly is responsible for the Sales side of the business, working her magic in getting WalkUp into hundreds of restaurants and retailers across Europe!

One of Molly’s favourite parts of working at WalkUp (besides eliminating physical queuing ofc) is spending time with the amazing hospitality teams and the food that comes with that 😉 Catch Molly working out, eating out or doing something random like podcasting or paddleboarding down a canal. Her favourite food is Mexican… Watch out El Pastor.

Amos (Admiral Ackbar) - CEO

Amos Amos 🍤 The main man. From hatching the idea of an app which allows you to see all in real time the status of restaurants and give diners the ability to join queues virtually everywhere, to leading our team of 9. While Amos’ background is in Economics and Sales, you can now find him with a finger in every jar across the company, from engineering and HR, to Customer Support and Finances! You can catch Amos doing his 200th push up at 5:30am, hanging out with the WalkUp squad, chowing down at Flat Iron or even running some restaurant queues. Amos is the life and blood of the WalkUp dude and we’re proud to have him at the helm of our ship.

Frazer (Count Dooku): COO

Frazer Frazer 🍮 Our right hand command and absolute concrete foundation to WalkUp. Having met Am on the Mars Grad Scheme, Frazer propelled Walkup from an idea into a living and breathing business with the discovery of the Just Eat FoodTech Accelerator programme. Amos and Frazer have since become like Yin and Yang, or Jim and Pam for that matter. With a background in Coding and UI/UX for the Mercedes F1 team, Frazer is all about getting s*** done and serves as WalkUp’s crucial backbone. You can find Fraz lifting weights, at the race track, playing guitar, dining at Honest Burgers or 9 times out of 10 - with Amos talking all things WalkUp.

Lewis (BB-37E): Backend Engineer

Lewis Lewis 💡 Lewis joined the WalkUp squad earlier this year on a part time basis whilst he completes his studies and we’re happy to say it was one of our best decisions yet. Lewis is currently studying Software Engineering at Lancaster Uni and while he’s geographically far away, Lewis is a close-knit member of the group and we’re so glad to have him on board!

Catch Lewis partying with the WalkUp squad at one of The Breakfast Clubs, cycling monumental distances, kayaking, playing Celeste and walking his dogs. His favourite language is Go but he has an (apparently) unjustifiable soft spot in his heart for C#, his first real language he learned to use 💙