Meet the WalkInites 👋



Our newest WalkInite to join the fam! 💙 Coding and building computers since the tender age of 12, it’s no exaggeration to say this fine young fellow has an inherent computer drive for techy hardware, software things 🙇🏻‍♂️ (Can you tell this blog is written by someone in our sales team?) We’re ecstatic to say Noah has joined WalkIn as a Senior Backend Developer to help build the rocket ship taking us to a planet where you can get a table anytime, anywhere 🚀

To unwind, you can either find Noah at the Drum and Bass raves shuffling the night away, doing trail runs and 10ks, or playing piano and bass guitar (although not at the same time, yet…fangirling) 🎸While we haven’t had a chance to meet Noah 😭we’re pumped to have him as the latest WalkInite in the team. As is tradition, we asked Noah what his favourite food was, and lo and behold it was pizza! 🍕That’ll be Pizza Pilgrims, Paesano, Purezza, Moto Pizza, 50 Kaló or Rudy’s then!



Charlie, or as we now know him, Figrin D’an (we all have a Star Wars alter-ego 🌠) is a bit of a marvel and quite the joker. Literally. Not only is he a comedian doing improvised comedy, stand-up, musical and clowning (the real reason we hired him) but he also builds his own board games which you can check out here 👉 👈

Charlie can often be spotted in his very bright leggings and Nintendo/Batman themed hats, so if you see him (and once we’re not in lockdown anymore of course) then say hey! 🦇 But don’t be too friendly because, ya know, he’s ours 🤩 Just like Noah, Charlie is a big pizza guy, while he may have a healthy pick of WalkIn pizza restaurants to dine at, finding his all time favourite slice: Hawaiian pizza with anchovies, might be a little more tricky… (thank gawd!) 😬



Mags might appear innocent on the surface but really, she’s our secret weapon 🤫 Clever and cunning, Maggie’s goal is to win which she manifests by her acute research skills. Her love affair with WalkIn began in October 2019 after dining at the delicious Din Tai Fung & since then she’s been hooked 🎣 She has a special place in her heart for Indian food & giant Reese’s Pieces cups and her fave Sunny characters are Mac & Charlie, if you know you know 💯

After winning our first ever Virtual Treasure Hunt social, she’s tasted victory and is now out for more. Watch your back Frazer, there’s competition afoot… Find Maggie tucking into Kricket’s Keralan fried chicken unless of course, she’s refining her culinary skills and whipping up a batch at home 🍗



Moll has been dedicated to using her powers (and Teshuva blood) for the greater good by putting an end to London's restaurant queues since Feb 2019 👊 Molly’s our queen of social who never fails to catch our most wacky, embarrassing and heroic moments on @walkinldn. Having beat Frazer in the #AroundtheWorld ping pong competition at Bounce earlier this year, she still quietly rides that high and awaits the next WalkIn Stay in Bake to claim another victory this year 🏆 A social creature who also highly enjoys being alone, and early mornings, catch Molly working away at one of our breakfast restaurants including Eggbreak, The Breakfast Club, Farm Girl, Muriel’s kitchen, Granger & Co., and Mo Diner ☕️



Oh Archie, where would we be without you? A fellow founder alongside Amos and Frazer, Archie is our CTO at the helm of our technological rocket ship, dodging meteorites and bits of universe that are, well, absolutely on fire ☄️But with composure as cool as a cucumber, Archie always manages to land our new builds safely ✅. While not using his wonder hands to magically code, you can find Archie (much to our dismay) cascading down rock climbing walls, doing a couple backflips, (did we mention he was once a pro gymnast?) or feasting into his fave burger followed by the famous white chocolate cheesecake at Blacklock 🥩


Frazer copy

Our COO and driver of all things growth, Frazer is the engine to our rocket (surprisingly appropriate considering he used to work in F1 with Mercedes) and pushes us forward with his absolute might against the forces working against us 🚀 Two time Stay in Bake champion he’s clearly developed a knack for chef’ing during quarantine with his re-make of Pizza Pilgrim’s nutella ring pizza and Honest Burger’s Christmas burger 🍔 Known for his witty one liners and catch phrases, we’re actually working on a side project of ‘The Frazer Doll’ which will be complete with common sayings such as “Ooo-rah” and “What a doozy”. A big foodie, you’ll find Fraz at Padella with double the order of Padella’s pici, burrata and gnocchi 🍝


Amos Profile

Mr CEO himself. Amos’s true love is WalkIn. After first laying eyes on each other back in 2018, Amos knew instantly, she was the one 💍 The perfect representation of the saying ‘Happy wife happy life’, a symbiotic relationship both in need of one another. Amos is drawn to Walkin’s ocean blue, lightning quick algorithm smarts and bold personality and she waits for no man cough, we mean queue 🙅🏻‍♀️ When not with WalkIn Amos spends time with his other mistress: video games. Can’t get ahold of Amos? No problem, drop us an intercom at any, we mean ANY, time of the day and night and you’ll get his absolute attention within seconds. His favourite meal is the crispy chicken wrap from our dear Breakfast Club so buy him one of those and forever be his friend 🌯

Every WalkInite is special and talented in their own way and we cherish every one. Want to become a WalkInite? We're always on the lookout for more great people to help us revolutionise dining out. Interested in joining the team? Email us at [email protected] to find out about our vacancies