Hello, Dojo. Learn more about why we've joined forces!

The last three years have been a crazy ride.

It all started when we had the idea of creating a platform that made grabbing a table at your favourite restaurants super-fast and hassle-free – all through the tap of an app. Because we believed that heading out for something to eat should be as simple as it is delicious. So we got to work 😈

Soon enough, our little idea grew and grew, and now we help over 400,000 hungry diners find seats at over 800 restaurants every month. That's a lot of breakfasts, lunches, dinners. In fact, since 2018, we've seated a whopping 20 million diners making us one of the UK's most popular restaurant queue management systems.

We've been amazed by how many people love WalkUp, but what we've done up until now is just the beginning of what we can do πŸš€ Now is the time to take things to the next level for the customers we work with – and the consumers who love visiting them.

πŸ₯ That's why we've joined forces with payments provider Dojo.

Dojo creates payment tools and tech that help thousands of hospitality businesses across the UK and Ireland to thrive. From rapid integrated card machines that process payments in a flash, to the Dojo app, which lets restaurants track their transactions in real-time.

But here's the really good bit… Now that we've joined forces, our customers will now be able to grab a table at even more awesome restaurants across the UK. Lots more, in fact. We're working together to make going out simpler and better for everyone. And on a bigger scale, too 😏

While we're now a part of something new, we're still the same ol’ WalkUp you know and love. So keep your eyes peeled, then get out and enjoy more with WalkUp – powered by Dojo πŸ”₯