Eat Out to Help Out 🍴

Now that the Eat Out to Help Out (EOTHO) scheme has come to a close, we thought we’d reflect a little bit on how powerful the scheme introduced by Rishi Sunak was 😃 To encourage more diners to eat out during the month of August, the scheme included:

  • 50% off (up to £10 per diner) for any restaurants who signed up for the scheme.
  • Mon - Wed during the entire month.
  • Unlimited usage in those days.

Everything concerning Corona has been pretty scary at times, while it’s bonded us together it’s also made emerging back into real life a little daunting, especially for people keen to start eating out again. As such, the aim of the scheme was to:

A) Support restaurants in reopening in a COVID-Safe way B) Get more people used to eating out again and to provide a real morale boost for both the hospitality industry and the nation

Incredible uptake 🤩

The first Monday of EOTHO was actually the busiest day for restaurants of the whole year up until that point Restaurants that typically didn’t have queues were now displaying ‘full until close’ from mid evening. The scheme meant that August 2020 was our busiest month and one which has brought us hope for a strong comeback for the hospitality industry.

For a bit of context, in February of this year, we sat 202,000 guests. For the month of August, we sat 2,772,999 guests! That would fill over 221 Wembley Arenas, 30 Wembley Stadiums or 138 o2 Arenas!

We’ve also saved 96,869,626 minutes. 96 million minutes that would otherwise have been spent standing in physical queues, something which we desperately want to help avoid, now more than ever! You could have walked to the moon AND back in that time!

Hopeful for the future 📅

Now that EOTHO has come to a close, we’re hoping to continue to see diners eating out after they’ve experienced the safety precautions that restaurants are taking while serving their delicious food and drinks. We’ll certainly be continuing to eat out and support the UK hospitality industry as much as we can while chowing down at our WalkUp restaurants.

Here’s to September and the continuation of supporting the best restaurants in London and the UK!

Much Love 💙

The WalkUp Team