A Taste of Freedom 🤩

The last year has been shocking and devastating for so many people and businesses. It’s been really hard to see restaurants which brought so much joy and vitality to people’s lives having to close. On the flip side there’s been glimmers of hope with Eat Out to Help Out, newfound exploration into different avenues, a time of growth through deliveries, DIY kits or even opportunities of reduced rent and in turn, new sites! 🌄

While the hospitality scene reopens we want to pay tribute to every awesome restaurant and say that as you guys all open today, we’ll be here cheering you on. WalkUp will be continuing to help manage your queues and get diners in in the safest, most efficient and effective way possible while focusing on our mission to get diners a table anywhere, anytime.

Over the course of the last year we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to adapt, introducing a lightweight booking platform (don’t worry, we’re still all about real-time dining!), QR codes to enable diners to join queues without any interaction with hosts, a free test and trace feature, a retail version of WalkUp and more. We’ve also faced hurdles and had to address some functionalities that needed modification, including ‘Eat Now’ which we’re super excited to say will be available with for more restaurants soon! 🕺 💃

The WalkUp app has also gone through a bit of a makeover and is sleeker than ever, delivering not just a better user experience but also more restaurants to eat at. So if you’re reading this thinking… “how can I help the hospitality industry as they get back on their feet?” We’ll tell you, go out and eat and drink as much as you can! Food, new experiences and good times lay ahead friends. Eat that burger, cheers with that drink, the diet can wait to 2022 😉